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Here are answers to some of the most frequent questions we get from you. If you do not find an answer on your question we look forward to hear from you over at

Q: Why is the first month free?
A: In a world where many consumers are skeptical to try new products, we felt we had to innovate the way skincare brands market themselves. We quickly learned our products are so satisfying that the majority of customers stay on their subscription after their free month has ended - and it is from these subscribers we are able to grow as a company and develop even more products.

Q: How can I end my subscription?
A: You can pause or cancel your subscription at anytime by simply pressing a button inside your account at abc skin. You do not need to call us, fax us, mail us, print papers and sign or something like that. We know everyone prefers simplicity and we will never implement a complex unsubscribe process.

Q: Can I try the free month for more persons in my household?
A: No. Only one person per household can claim the free month discount, unfortunately. But feel free to share the masks with each other in the household!

Q: What are the terms of the free trial month?
A: You pay for the delivery cost only. We waive 220 SEK for the product(s) for the first month (which is the approximate price for 4 masks). In the case you do not like the products, or for any other reason do not want to stay on as a subscriber, you simply unsubscribe (which costs you nothing). It's that simple.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription renewal after it has been confirmed?
A: We send out an e-mail in good time before charging you for the second month of subscription. Our communication is crystal clear to make sure you have good enough time to unsubscribe if you do not like to continue staying on as a subscriber. 
In the case you do not cancel your subscription before your order is confirmed, we unfortunately cannot cancel the order, as our logistics systems are automated and processes orders instantly.

Q: Can I return the product(s) in case I don't like them?
A: Yes. As long as they are not opened or damaged, you are free to return your products to us and we will refund you the money for the masks. Send us an e-mail to and we will help you out.

Remember to cancel your subscription before your next order processing date kicks in, in order to not be charged and not receive more Korean face masks.

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